The Legendary Rockem Sockem Go

He Was Never Just A Horse!
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Memorial Barrel Race held in the spring each year→→→→→→→→

A Note From Kelly: 

The Rockem Sockem Go Memorial Barrel Race

is in honor of my great horse, Rocky.

He was never “just a horse” to me and many that knew him.

His nickname was Mr. Consistency, and he won 2 WPRA World Championships back to back, along 2 WPRA Reserve-World Championships. He was named Horse with the Most Heart 3x at the NFR.

  • He took me to 5 NFR’s, traveling over 50 thousand miles a year in the trailer
  • He won major rodeos like Houston, Reno, St Paul, Albuquerque, and many others, as well as setting arena records
  • He won me 2 trucks, a few trailers and several saddles and buckles.

He made the Texas Circuit Finals several times and was named Texas Horse of the Year 2 times. He also won the average and qualified for the National Circuit Finals, but I never took him because of scheduling conflicts with Rodeo Houston.

He ran at many AQHA shows winning several circuits and the Texas Amateur Championship, and the NBHA State 1D Championship in 2000 and Reserve the year before.

For the most part he had no back-up horse to rely on. He had traveling buddies such as my daughter’s horses to keep him company on the road.

He loved the road and loved crowds at rodeo’s, he even had his own theme song.  And when he was no longer able to compete, he would load himself in the trailer, if the door was left open and be waiting patiently to go somewhere, so we’d take him to local barrel races with us.

Sadly, we lost him a few years ago to Melanoma.

On the 50th anniversary of the WPRA, the PRCA honored Rocky at the NFR. Only three horses were honored as the greats of our sport, Scamper, Bozo and Rocky

God certainly gave me a handful when he blessed me with Rocky. He will never be forgotten and I will always miss him, my beautiful Rocky.

"He was never “just a horse.”