Kelly Kaminski has a background as a teacher and professional educator.  She utilizes these skills to create easy to follow drills and provide quality instruction. Her students have experienced success for many years. Her daughter, Kenna Kaminski, has taken the skills she has learned from her mother and begun a career as a professional barrel racer herself.  Kelly is booked many months in advance, and is focused on producing barrel races, so plan ahead to organize your event with Kelly! 


Hi Kelly, Well It's getting close to November & then it'll be 12 months since your clinic here in Townsville, North Queensland, Australia. I noticed on facebook that you're running somce clinics in New Zealand & I've got to say, I'm jealous of them! Everybody who attended your clinic here, whatever age they were had fun & learned so much about themselves & their horses. The ages ranged from 7-50+ & over the time since the clinic every person I've spoken to has said that your clinic has been the standout of clinics they've attended. We all agree that with your teaching background, your skills of patience, repetition & being able to communicate what you mean clearly is what most other clinicians lack. Not only are you a great competitor, you're a great teacher. It's rare to find both in one person. The basic drills you taught us for our horses are easy to do and don't fluster the horses. I loved the part of the clinic that you spoke with us about mental preparation, positivity & shared with us how to assess things but not dwell on bad points. The only complaint we all have is that you don't live in our country! I do hope your fellow Americans realise how lucky they are to have you on their doorstep! I can't complain too much though, it was my good fortune to spend the whole week with you, Kenna & Tanegai so I could have access to the knowledge you have! My Kelly Kaminski saddle I bought has been great! No more sore back fro me because of the position it sets you in & the memory foam seat. Every horse I put it on rides better because it fits so well! I know a few of the girls updated you on how their horses were improving & they were all impressed that you not only replied but that you continue to enjoy the friendships you made here. Enjoy your time in New Zealand & don't forget to pencil us in for another clinic next time you're over this side of the world. We all miss you and hope that you return to Australia really soon!
Take Care,
Kellie Jones


PO Box 962, Bellville, TX 77418